Best Rechargeable Philips Electric Shaver with Trimmer 2023

  • Experience the world’s closest electric shave with uncompromised skin comfort. Philips Norelco’s Series 9000 Prestige glides smoothly over your skin
  • Effortlessly shave off even a dense beard. The BeardAdapt Sensor checks hair density 15 times per second and automatically adapts the shaver to your hair.
  • The rechargeable Lithium-ion battery delivers the power of a corded shaver without the hassle of a cord. 60 minutes of shaving time, with a premium LED numeric display

Topic: Best Rechargeable Philips Electric Shaver with Trimmer 2023

Best Rechargeable Philips Electric Shaver with Trimmer 2023

Whenever there is a discussion about a brand, everyone is looking for its main product. Here we will talk about the best Philips electric shaver. The manufacturer itself claims that the S9000 Prestige is our best product yet.

It has been recently launched in a new design and comes with a unique shaving head. Another amazing claim is that this shaver can shave even a week-old stubble. However, how does it work in reality? We tell you about it. And also, if there are any shortcomings, you will know everything after going through our full review.


You would have seen many products that look good in the pictures, but the appearance is not very noticeable in reality. But this best electric shaver 2023 looks just as good in reality as it does in the pictures. Absolute pleasure is due to its high-end metal body. If we go more precisely, the body has been given an aluminum finish at the front and extends to the sides. Below the head, a rough design makes it more eye-catching.

The power button is also metallic, but the rest of the body is plastic, which improves grip. Also, you can turn the travel lock on or off with a power button. You have to press the power buttons for three seconds for both activation and deactivation. The countdown will be displayed on the screen. What you see the most below the power button is the +/- bar to choose the required power mode. Best Rechargeable Philips Electric Shaver with Trimmer 2023.

The bar below the +/- shows your battery life, whether the travel lock is on or off, and what power mode you’re using. The unique thing about the S9000’s display is that you can tell the remaining battery life even if the shaver is turned off. On top of that, the weight of this shaver is light and the size is optimized so it fits well in the hand. At the bottom, there is a charging port as this shaver does not come with inductive charging technology.

Two minor complaints most users have about the S9000’s design are that the plastic used is not of good quality. The second concern is that you won’t see any unified trimmer. So to attach the trimmer you need to remove the shaving head first.


Each product has some unique features that make it worth buying. Some features are for marketing only, and depending on some features, the performance of a product depends. Therefore, we have mentioned some of the critical features here and omitted others.

In the shaving head, instead of the SH90 used in the other Philips models, SH98 blades are included. These are brand new and outstanding in performance. In addition, the ring of each shaving head is coated with an anti-friction coating, so the blades move smoothly over your face, making shaving more efficient.

The most remarkable feature of the best electric shaver is the three shaving modes. Therefore, first look at the density of your hair, and then choose the mode accordingly. These modes are actually variations in the power output of the motor. Slow mode offers low power output and so on. But to save time, it is better to always shave at maximum power. Best Rechargeable Philips Electric Shaver with Trimmer 2023.

Also, the S9000 is waterproof, so you can use it with shaving foam. Even the shaver can survive up to a depth of water of 1 meter. So, people who dream of shaving in the shower, their dreams can come true with this world-class product.


The performance of a shaver during shaving is a crucial factor to consider. The expectations and priorities of each user are different. So let’s see how the best electric shaver performs in shaving.

The S9000 will give you the closest shave you can get with a rotary shaver. Many people have complaints about rotary razors, especially on the chin and mustache. Still, you won’t be disappointed.

Along with the close, this shaver will give you the most comfortable shave. You will not feel any skin irritation after shaving and also your face will be rash free. Even people with sensitive skin can still enjoy comfort as long as they have applied shaving foam. This comfort is due to the design of the blades because they move smoothly over the skin and you don’t need to press hard to get a closer shave.

As we have mentioned before, it is suitable for a 7-day-long beard, but we did not think that it would be possible in reality. So the good news here is that the best electric shaver can cut long hair very efficiently, even if it’s a week older. In addition, you will not feel any discomfort and, moreover, no hair will be left uncut. Best Rechargeable Philips Electric Shaver with Trimmer 2023.

The overall performance of this shaver is admirable, but what will annoy most users is its trimmer and lack of an automatic cleaning system. The trimmer is coarse and doesn’t work as effectively as you’d expect from such a high-end razor. It also lacks a cleaning system, so you have to clean it manually. Hence, after shaving, you have to remove your head and wash it with water. Since the S9000 is rotary, the cleaning process becomes a bit difficult.

Battery Duration

The battery life of the best electric shaver S9000 is one hour and the charging time to fully charge the battery is also one hour. You should also know that while charging, it cannot be used. But you might be surprised to know that it features a 5-minute quick charge, which means charging just 5 minutes is enough to give you a full shave. The remaining battery life is shown on the screen. When the battery is almost depleted, the signal will turn yellow and you will hear a beep if you turn on the shaver. Best Rechargeable Philips Electric Shaver 2023.


Considering its price, the accessories you’ll find in the box are disappointing. Along with the shaver, you will get a trimmer, a charging cable, a travel case, a user manual and a warranty card. But you will not see any cleaning system or cleaning brush. So to make it acceptable, the manufacturer has included a very stylish case with enough space to accommodate all the accessories along with the shaver. Best Rechargeable Philips Electric Shaver with Trimmer 2023.

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Every individual is unique, and so are their likes and dislikes. So, if you are a rotary lover looking for the best electric shaver of 2023, the S9000 Prestige is definitely on the top. It is remarkable for shaving and very comfortable to use. Plus, the solid metal body makes it durable, and the one-hour battery life is decent. Also, this shaver is suitable for all hair types and is therefore the best electric shaver for men.





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