Best Norelco Electric Shaver with Cleansing Brush 2023

  • Designed for a close shave in mind, Philips Norelco Shaver 9700 always delivers superior closeness in a single pass, even on 3 day beards.
  • Each shaving head independently moves in 8 directions to follow your face’s every curve.
  • Choose the speed setting that best fits your skin and hair type: Slow (for an even more skin friendly shave), Medium (for a thorough shave), and Fast (for a high powered shave).Max power consumption:9 W

Topic: Best Norelco Electric Shaver with Cleansing Brush 2023

Best Norelco Electric Shaver with Cleansing Brush 2023

Every man and woman is in search of making their personality phenomenal and distinguished from others. It is not an easy job. Therefore, most people move towards the salon to look perfect. Some people are more conscientious in this field, so they buy a lot of accessories and their bathroom is full of trimmers, creams, and facial brushes. The first factor to take care of your personality is your skin; therefore, it needs a lot of care. The smoother and more thoroughly cleansed your skin is, the better your prints will be.

Nowadays, everyone is very busy, so most people don’t have time for a salon or a barbershop. In this way, their appearance becomes unacceptable. They are looking for a personal razor that is available when they need it. So to save you from any dissatisfaction, Philips has launched Norelco 9700, one of the best 2020 electric shavers that you will find on the market. Its performance is efficient, and its features are impressive. Once you get this product, worries about unwanted hair will subside.


Unpacking, you will be satisfied with the appearance of this best electric shaver. It looks brilliant and is put together in a very streamlined way. In order to make the grip firm, the area is covered with rubber, so you won’t feel any fear of falling off during shaving while changing direction. Even if your fingers are wet, you will still be able to hold them firmly.

The design becomes more pleasant thanks to the screen, which indicates everything for you. When to use it, charge it or clean it and when to change the shaving head, the screen will tell you. Plus, it’s touch-sensitive so it doesn’t consume any power, and just by looking at the shaver, you’ll know exactly what to do next. In fact, this makes it the best electric razor to grab. Best Norelco Electric Shaver with Cleansing Brush 2023.

Also, Norelco 9700 is based on a rotary style. On the shaving unit, you will see three heads capable of moving in multiple directions. This way, you’ll get the closest, cleanest shave one can only dream of. These heads collect the cut hair, so after shaving there is no need to clean the hair on your face, which is an added pleasure.


Whenever a product has a high budget, everyone expects features that others cannot provide. Norelco 9700, the best electric shaver, is amazing from this point of view and will certainly meet all your needs.

The first feature that users look for in the best electric shaver is its type of blades. It has V-track Pro blades that will cut any type of hair and is suitable for full-length hair. No matter how durable the shaver needs to be, there will come a time when the head needs to be replaced. So in this case, you can easily replace it because all 9700 series shavers use the same type of blades.

Many people have the problem that they can’t get up early, so they have little time to shave. So to give you a really fast shave, its head can move in eight different directions. In addition to that, it recognizes the hairline on the face and neck very well and then acts accordingly. In this way, your skin will remain smooth and the shaving process will be 20% faster than with other shavers. Best Norelco Electric Shaver with Cleansing Brush 2023.

Another distinctive feature that will catch your attention is its three different working modes. As many people do every day, you should stick to normal mode for a normal shave. If you’re in a hurry, turn on fast mode. And if your skin is sensitive, then use the sensitive mode, giving you a very smooth and comfortable shave. This third mode makes it the best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

For users who are fond of wearing different styles of beards, the good news is that it has a detachable trimmer. So all you have to do is remove the shaving head and plug in the trimmer. Please note that it is specially designed for sensitive skin; therefore, it can be used without worry.

Norelco 9700 is a rotary shaver so it is difficult to clean manually. But you don’t have to worry because there is a solution to it. Aftershave, the SmartClean Plus system will do it automatically. Simply press the power button and the cleaning process will begin. This system is used for cleaning and charging, so the screen will notify you which process is in progress.


The performance of a shaver during shaving depends on the type of blade used and the movement of the head. There are three heads in the shaving unit, and each one can move in 8 directions, so you won’t see any uncut hair. Even if the hair growth is zigzag, this best electric shaver will not allow it to survive on your face. Also, the blades are top of the range so they do a good job even in a single pass. Best Norelco Electric Shaver with Cleansing Brush 2023.

The nice factor in performance is that instead of pulling hair as many shavers do, it cuts hair. Along with this, you will not see any damage like skin irritation or redness after shaving.

This is a water shaver; the result will improve if you apply shaving foam to your face. Also, if you want all the extra activities to be done under the shower, it will not disappoint you.

Battery duration

The features of this best electric shaver and battery life performance are also outstanding. The recharging time is 1 hour and the shaving time is also 1 hour, which is 10 minutes more than the competitors. Another gratifying point here is that you will see the percentage of remaining battery life instead of a bar on the screen. The battery can be recharged through the SmartClean Plus system and once fully charged you can do ten consecutive shaves.


The accessories that you will get with this shaver are a trimmer, a cleaning base, a cleaning brush, and a travel case. Remember that the travel bag is small and the trimmer won’t fit in it, so take care of it while you’re on a long trip. Another disappointing point is that if you really need the cleaning brush, you’d better buy another one because it’s not very satisfying. Best Norelco Electric Shaver with Cleansing Brush 2023.

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This shaver is free from defects and offers top performance in all fields. So if you can afford the price, Norelco 9700 is the best electric shaver for 2023. It will give you the closest shave and beard and mustache styling you couldn’t use before. Above all, it will take great care of your skin; thus, your face will remain fresh and smooth.



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