How to Protect Your Appliances from Load Shedding?

Topic: How to Protect Your Appliances from Load Shedding?

How to Protect Your Appliances from Load Shedding?

In Pakistan, load shadowing is one of the themes that have been available for generations. Load shedding occurs when electricity demand and supply are not balanced. It means that part of the day or week there is no electricity available for the consumer in Pakistan, to manage the balance of electricity. In Pakistan, there are no proper advertised times for load shedding, sometimes poor infrastructure of electricity supply is the cause for interruption of proper electricity supply. The best expensive home appliance in Pakistan cannot work well due to the above-mentioned problems. Air conditioners, Inverter air conditioners, refrigerators, and LED TVs work all day long, the fluctuation causes serious problems, resulting in the loss of expensive home appliances that you spend thousands to buy. Here are some tips on precautionary measures to save you load shedding before you repent.

6 ways to protect your home appliances from voltage spikes due to load shedding in Pakistan

  • Buy inverter-based device
  • Turn off appliances during load shedding
  • Use power strips based on surge protection fuses
  • Control jitter through the quality stabilizer
  • This alternative electricity source is powerful enough
  • Appliance Warranty and Insurance

Buy Inverter Based Device

Inverter technology has been available in Pakistan for a long time, a widely available home appliance such as air conditioners, refrigerators, refrigerators, etc. Inverter appliances can work efficiently with low voltage without losing performance and also save electricity. Due to low-voltage starting, inverter-based appliances consume less electricity, making them compatible with fluctuating electricity.
Turn off appliances during load shedding
In case you don’t have inverter appliances, you should follow the load-shedding schedule in your area and turn off your device during load shedding hours. This solution is certainly the best, all you need is to turn off the appliances manually and turn them back on when you know the electricity supply is stable.

Use power strips based on surge protection fuses

The easiest and cheapest way to protect your appliances is to plug them into power strips with built-in fuses. This type of power strip is equipped with a fuse that is designed to fail when the voltage fluctuates, this cuts the electricity to your appliance and protects it from voltage interruptions. Multi-type power strip options are widely available in the Pakistani market.

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Control jitter through Quality stabilizer

Using quality stabilizers to stabilize appliances is the best way. This method is a smart way to control jitter, but this solution is not a 100% complete solution to prevent electricity damage. This solution of using a stabilizer reduces electricity consumption and makes little difference.

Is the alternative electricity source powerful enough?

Make sure you have another source of electricity, such as a solar panel source or generator source, or a UPS that is powerful enough. Please make sure you are using this alternative source correctly and your UPS batteries or size of panels and generator produce enough electricity to balance the load of your home appliance such as LED TV, air conditioner, refrigerator. You should buy original quality appliances and alternative energy sources to get the most out of them.

Appliance Warranty and Insurance

Any problem that occurs in your appliance due to loss of load must have a backup plan. One backup is that you can go for one insurance plan for all of your appliances. While you insure your appliance, you still benefit from warranty card services. Don’t forget to insure your air conditioner, refrigerator or your expensive appliances.

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