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How To Charge Laptop In a Car?

Topic: How To charge Laptop in a Car?

How To charge Laptop in a Car?
How To charge Laptop in a Car?

How To Charge Laptop in a Car?

Laptops are an important part of our daily lives and store a lot of information. However, they can occasionally interrupt our driving. This is how you charge your laptop in a car with no cables or ports to worry about.

The main problem that users encounter is the battery issue as it can use the laptop battery output for a limited time.

You can charge the laptop without a charger, moreover, if your laptop battery charge is full, you can use it anywhere.

Another benefit of a laptop is that it connects users to their important work almost anywhere, even when traveling.

Whether you are traveling on a long trip or heading to a meeting in a faraway city, or you like to have your laptop just for fun, watch your favorite shows, read articles or do some business work.

Still, you soon discover that you either forgot to charge your laptop before you moved home, or there is no power connection at all at the moment, and the battery is now in its last stages.

This can cause real problems if you have to use your laptop urgently and it makes it difficult for you to find a way to charge it. But, fortunately, the situation is not going to be like that.

You can charge the laptop in a car efficiently and easily, even if you don’t have your standard charger at the moment.

Is it safe to charge a Laptop while traveling?

You may have doubts regarding laptop charging in a car as we often hear only examples of mobile phone charging or is this process safe?

So to clear all the questions in your mind, there is absolutely no risk in charging a laptop while traveling in a car. It is completely risk-free for both car and laptop, moreover, using proper equipment and some knowledge about laptop power specifications is enough to charge a laptop in a car.

The main power source is surely the car battery. All you need to have are the right accessories to charge your laptop.

Easy Methods To charge Laptop in a Car

1. Charging Using a USB-C Cable

This method is exclusive to laptops with a USB-C port used for charging and is the easiest and cheapest method that does not require any unnecessary equipment.

Just take a USB-C cable and connect the laptop and the power outlet. This charging method is also quite fast.

Some of the newer laptops, including Macbooks from Apple, Dell, and HP, have this type of charging jack. USB ports are also available in cars (if not available, a converter can be used and plugged into the cigarette lighter socket).

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2. Using an adapter

It looks a lot like a laptop charger, and unlike an inverter, it provides a 12V output directly to the laptop battery. It is an efficient tool to charge your laptop. One of its ends goes to the cigarette lighter socket and the other directly to the laptop charging socket.

Car laptop charging adapters work just like the standard laptop charger and are readily available in the market with a wide variety of plug sizes.


You must make sure to plug the adapter into the cigarette lighter socket when you start the engine. Starting the engine later and plugging in the laptop first may damage your laptop due to the current shooting. Some adapters use multiple connection pins, so choose one that fits your laptop’s charging socket.

3. Charge your laptop using an inverter

Using a power inverter is an inexpensive, safe, and quite convenient method of charging your laptop in the car. This is beneficial if you have a laptop that won’t charge or even doesn’t have USB-C ports.

If you forgot to charge your laptop before powering off, always keep your standard laptop charger inside the laptop bag, this method will solve all your worries.

Power inverters can supply enormous power and convert a car’s DC into AC, allowing smooth charging of your laptop without any risk.

Additionally, power inverters can easily fit into lighter sockets without connectivity issues. The power inverter increases the car battery voltage from 12V to 110V because most laptop chargers use 100-200 volts for the standard charging process.

It gets power from the cigarette lighter slot and has a switch on the other side to plug in the laptop charger; therefore, the laptop can also be charged by AC.

A wide variety of inverters are available in the market, with the maximum power capacity mentioned in them ranging from 150W to even 500W. You can get a 150W power inverter that works perfectly to charge a laptop easily and doesn’t even cost too much.

Effects of inverter on car battery

If you are concerned that connecting an inverter to the car and using it to charge will suck the car battery out and cause it to drain, there is no need to worry.

Using an inverter will not drain a car’s battery unless and until the car is started. Also, by using an inverter, you’re not getting much output from your laptop because it puts a strain on the laptop’s battery and ultimately the car’s.

When the engine is started, the battery is automatically charged.


It will surely drain the car battery; if you have connected your laptop to the inverter for too long or forgot to take it out. Therefore, it must be taken into account that it is not charged by an inverter when the car’s engine is stopped.

4. Charging the laptop with a power bank

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to charge a laptop while on the go is to use a power bank. The external power bank is portable, easy to carry, and provides an instant power source anywhere, anytime.

This device acts as a power reserve that is also used instantly. Power banks have a wide variety, with multiple charging capacity options. Make sure you get an extended capacity power bank that can easily charge your laptop.

The simplicity of using a power bank is that the laptop can be charged using a standard Type-C or Type-A cable.

5. Use a laptop car charger

Sometimes portable laptop chargers are made based on specific models and specific charging pins. It gets power directly from the cigarette lighter socket, and instead of having a three-pin plug, it has a charging pin on the other side that goes directly to the laptop.

Frequent Questions

How to charge your MacBook Pro and Air in the car?

One of the easiest and most reliable ways to charge your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is in the car. Follow the simple instructions provided and you’ll be charging your computer in no time!
You can buy one or use the one that came with your laptop. Plugin the power cable and your MacBook Pro once you’ve gathered all of these items. Now it’s time to start charging the device!

While you’re driving, you’ll need a few things to charge your MacBook Air or Pro.

Open the power port and plug in your MacBook once it’s charged. Turn on your car’s ignition and let it run once it’s connected.


The benefit of using a laptop wherever you want makes it the ideal portable device that is also useful for our daily tasks, unlike a desktop fixed in one position.

So you have the idea of ​​charging a laptop/computer in a car while traveling, but the best way is to carry the charger always with you in a laptop bag. Hopefully, you’re all set and you don’t need to panic in these situations. All the methods mentioned above are safe and you can use these devices by reading the preventive measures mentioned in them.

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