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5 Best Laptop for Virtualization in 2022-2023

Topic: 5 Best Laptop for Virtualization in 2022-2023

Best Laptop For Virtualization

5 Best Laptop For Virtualization in 2022-2023

Virtual machines are useful. They are used by many professionals from different fields including cybersecurity, IT, software development, etc. And as someone who has been using Virtualbox for years, I know how important it is to have a computer that is powerful enough to get the job done. For too long I used a mid-range laptop and it was a painstakingly slow experience every time I used a virtual machine.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of virtualization, the specs to look for, and the current best laptops for running virtual machines.

What are virtual machines used for?

Virtual machines (VMs) are used to emulate hardware to create virtual computing systems. Simply put, virtualization allows you to run multiple “computer systems” on a single machine. This is useful for many applications.

A common example of this is running software on operating systems that they don’t normally have access to. For example, if you have a Windows computer and you need to run a program that is only on macOS. You can simply create a VM to run macOS as a guest operating system, and then run that program on it.

Cybersecurity experts use virtual machines to find vulnerabilities in software. And many app developers use virtual machines to test their apps on different platforms and operating systems.

Some of the most common virtualization software include VirtualBox, VMware, and Parallels.

5 Best Laptop For Virtualization in 2022-2023 Reviews

Here is my list of 5 laptops for virtualization in 2022. These are all chosen based on the factors I mentioned above, but I tried to include laptops for a wider range of applications. I hope you find a good match for your requirements.

About This Item

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 – More power, Less Weight

With the 2. Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 More power, Less Weight, Asus has redefined gaming laptops. There’s never been a gaming laptop this clean and portable, not without sacrificing performance or battery life. The professional, non-gaming design and excellent balance between speed and mobility easily make it one of the best gaming laptops for professionals.

The Rog Zephyrus G14 has a clean and attractive design, without stripes or bright lights. Therefore, it is an excellent option for both university students and professionals.

Performance is also top notch. It’s packed with a lightning-fast Ryzen 9 8-core processor, which can handle even the heaviest of virtual machines with ease. Furthermore, the Ryzen 9 and RTX3060 duo can easily hit triple-digit FPS in many titles.

While its 14″ screen isn’t the best option for gaming, it has decent clarity and a high refresh rate for a smooth gaming experience.

The laptop weighs just under 3.7 pounds and has a very compact form factor. Battery backup is also recommended. It has a 76 WHr lithium battery that lasts more than 9 hours under a normal workload.

Like many other Asus laptops, this one lacks a front-facing webcam, so you’ll need to purchase a USB webcam for video chats. Best Laptop For Virtualization 2022-2023.

About This Item

SeriesSwift 3
Screen Size14 Inches
Hard Disk Size512 GB
CPU ModelRyzen 7 4700U
Ram Memory Installed Size8 GB

Acer Swift 3 – Cheapest Option

The 5. Acer Swift 3 Cheapest Option is a laptop designed for everyone from professionals to students. The latest version features a powerful Ryzen 7 processor and 8GB of RAM, enough for smooth multitasking and VM performance.

The laptop has an unusual square 14″ screen with an aspect ratio of 3:2. The screen is bright and colorful and has a high screen-to-body ratio. The build quality is good for the price and the keyboard is easy to use and comfortable.

The Swift 3 is lightweight, weighing around 2.6 lbs. Its boxy design also takes up less room in your backpack, saving space for other college stuff. Also, its battery backup is unbelievably amazing. You can expect more than 12 hours of screen time in normal use. 5 Best Laptop For Virtualization in 2022-2023.

About This Item

SeriesBlade 15
Screen Size15.6 Inches
Hard Disk Size512 GB
CPU ModelCorei7-10750H
Ram Memory Installed Size16 GB

Razer Blade 15 RTX3060 – Best Gaming Rig

The updated version of the Razer Blade 15 RTX3060 Best Gaming Rig has only been around for a few months. And it has already become one of the best gaming laptops. It’s relatively thin and light compared to older bulky beasts, while also providing decent battery backup.

The minimalist look and sleek design of the laptop is perfect for work and business, it doesn’t scream for unwanted attention. but be sure to turn off RGB.

The Blade 15 is designed with the gaming experience in mind. Its 11th Gen Core i7 processor and RTX 3060 GPU can easily churn out triple-digit frame rates. You can also buy the RTX3080 model if you’re really serious about performance.

It also stays cooler thanks to the vapor chamber cooling system, which efficiently dissipates heat to keep the chassis cool. We recorded a maximum keyboard and case temperature of 44°C.

The 240Hz premium display is smooth enough for the most demanding gamers and the 1440p resolution will be good enough for work too. Best Laptop For Virtualization 2022-2023.

About This Item

SeriesXPS 13
Screen Size13.4 Inches
ColorPlatinum Silver
Hard Disk Size512 GB
CPU ModelCore i7
Ram Memory Installed Size16 GB

Dell XPS 13 9310 – Best Ultrabook

The Dell XPS 13 9310 Best Ultrabook is a premium ultraportable laptop with a fantastic display. Its build quality is solid and attractive, with smaller bezels and a highly polished look. The touch screen that it presents is one of the best in the world, with intense and vivid colors and sharp details.

The combination of a high-clocked 11th Gen Core i7 and 16GB of RAM provides solid multitasking performance. It should be able to handle most virtual machines with ease. And the 512GB SSD storage should be enough to store all your documents and files.

In terms of battery backup, the XPS 13 doesn’t break records, but it’s right next to the average ultrabook. You can expect around 8 hours of screen time in normal use. 5 Best Laptop For Virtualization in 2022-2023.

Thanks to its slim, ultra-portable design and relatively low weight of 2.8 pounds, you can easily carry the XPS 13 in a backpack or purse.

About This Item

SeriesDell XPS
Screen Size15.6 Inches
Colorgreyish black
Hard Disk Size512 GB
CPU ModelCore I7 11800H
Ram Memory Installed Size16 GB

Dell XPS 15 9510 – Our Pick

It’s been over a year since Dell completely redesigned the XPS 15 model and things have only gotten better.

The 1. Dell XPS 15 9510 Our Pick is a premium laptop designed for professionals. It looks amazing with its slim bezels and sleek chassis. Its super bright OLED is much better than conventional IPS screens. The screen makes everything more vibrant and alive, thanks to its excellent color accuracy.

The laptop comes with a blazing-fast Intel core i7-11800H processor, with 8 cores and a speed of up to 4.8 GHz. It can easily handle your virtualization needs, no matter how many virtual machines you want to run at once.

It also comes with 16GB of RAM, enough for a smooth multitasking experience. And while it’s not a gaming laptop, it does come with a dedicated RTX3050 GPU for graphics-related tasks.

With its 86 WHr battery, the XPS 15 can last more than 10 hours when streaming YouTube on low brightness. So with a normal charge, you can easily last a whole day at work without charging.

The XPS 15 is very thin, but not very light. It weighs about 4.3 pounds, it’s not the heaviest, but it can cause back pain if you need to carry it frequently.

Our Selected 5 Best Laptop For Virtualization in 2022-2023.

  • Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 – More power, Less Weight
  • Acer Swift 3 – Cheapest Option
  • Razer Blade 15 RTX3060 – Best Gaming Rig
  • Dell XPS 13 9310 – Best Ultrabook
  • Dell XPS 15 9510 – Our Pick

Other best Guide From Gili Mili

Before I get to my take on the best laptops for virtualization, let’s briefly go over the recommended specs. You don’t need to spend too much on a good virtual machine laptop if you know exactly what you need.


You will need a good amount of RAM to run virtual machines smoothly. This is because you will have more than one operating system running at the same time, each one taking up memory separately. Ideally, it should have at least 8 GB of RAM. But if you plan to run multiple virtual machines at the same time, we recommend that you install at least 16 GB.

Also, you can always install more RAM if needed. Except on MacBook’s: If you’re buying one, check how much RAM it has. Best Laptop For Virtualization 2022-2023.


The CPU is one of the most important factors in virtualization. As you run multiple systems simultaneously, each of them uses the CPU constantly, putting a significant load on it. So you want to get a laptop with a fast multi-threaded processor to meet the high computational demand.

In 2022, both AMD and Intel are fantastic options. Both have virtualization support at the hardware level. Both feature multiple cores for parallel processing, reducing latency and increasing performance of the guest operating system. AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series and Intel’s 11th gen series are very competitive CPUs these days. You really can’t go wrong choosing either one as their performance and temperatures are very similar. Intel slightly outperforms AMD, while AMD is usually a bit cheaper. 5 Best Laptop For Virtualization in 2022-2023.

But more cores means more threads for your virtual machines, so our recommendation would be to go for an AMD processor for maximum performance.


Storage will also have a big impact on the performance of your virtual machines.

Hard drives are fine if you’re just doing some testing and don’t need virtualization often. SSDs are what you want as they are very reliable and fast. SSDs will also help with boot times, program startup times, and can even be used as a “substitute” for RAM if you’re running low on RAM to run your virtual machines.

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