Advice For Purchasing The Right Hob For Your Kitchen

Topic: Advice For Purchasing The Right Hob For Your Kitchen

Advice For Purchasing The Right Hob For Your Kitchen

Advice For Purchasing The Right Hob For Your Kitchen

As we all know very well, the purchase of a new appliance often happens when you least expect it. Also, wear and tear are the top reasons to replace a single kitchen appliance. While kitchen renovation or remodeling project often requires multiple purchases at the same time.

Well, in this piece, we will talk about the appliance, a cooktop. What is a cooktop? A ceramic hob is a kitchen appliance that has a flat top with a hotplate or burner. There are many things that are important when shopping for the best cooktop for your kitchens, such as the size and shape of a cooktop and the type of fuel.

Hob size

The size of the hob mainly depends on the size of your kitchen, the size of your family and your cooking habits. So a standard hob is 600mm wide and usually has a large burner. Large cooktops, typically over 700mm wide, have additional burners.

Hob Fuel:

Induction hobs are stylish options for contemporary kitchens. These are easy to clean, look good over time, and are energy efficient. These heat up and cool down quickly. These are receptive to cooks but also safe for families with young children. Some hobs have a power boost feature, and zoneless induction hobs work wherever you place the pan. And, specialized iron-based magnetic pans are necessary to work on an induction cooktop, so you may need to invest in a new set.

Also, the gas hobs are easy to control and responsive. Some models have gas ignition, and others are powered by push-button ignition. Gas stoves are more difficult to clean, so make sure they can be easily disassembled or choose your best alternatives. Advice For Purchasing The Right Hob For Your Kitchen.

In addition, electric ceramic hobs have heating systems that are located under a resistant ceramic glass surface. These are easy to clean; however, they are not as sensitive as a gas or induction cooktop.

In addition, dual fuel hobs combine two types of fuel. This means that they can combine gas and electricity or gas and induction for their operation. Well, this combination gives great flexibility in cooking, but you may need a wide selection of pans.

Therefore, the key features to consider when buying a cooktop are:

  • Automatic switch: The automatic switch turns off a zone of electric burners if the pan is left unattended for an extended period of time.
  • Child safety controls are advantageous to stop these unwanted fingers that are playing with the controls.
  • The electronic boil start/auto heat is reduced when the zones heat up on the highest setting and some bubbles emerge in the pan.
  • Flame failure protection is an important safety feature for gas ranges.
  • The hot cooktop light on electric ceramic cooktops rings to show when they are hot.
  • The spill guard is helpful as it shuts off the burner if a pan overflows by mistake.

What are the best brands in Pakistan that sell kitchen hobs?

We reviewed many ceramic cooktop companies but found the following to be the most effective brands for these appliances:


Rays are an Electronics company that offers multiple home appliances for sale. This business sells home appliances including microwave ovens, water dispensers, and air conditioners, etc. And, the firm has been serving clients for more than three decades.
And, when we reviewed some Rays cooktops online, we got some notable points. The cooktops of this firm stand out for having many standard features, such as an impressive appearance, automatic ignition, multiple burners and high durability. Furthermore, these appliances are also cost-effective by nature.

Best Rays Cooktop:


Fotile is a brand from China that has been operating efficiently for many years. This company offers its customers kitchen devices of various types. In addition, Fotile is working to provide international standard kitchen appliances.

When we reviewed some Fotile cooktops online, we got multiple plus points. These appliances are trusted for having such beneficial features as uniform flame technology, uneven glass surface, and class ring technology (to prevent insulation breakdown and equalize thermal energy for insulators or burners). And, these devices are also cost-effective.

Best Fotile Cooktop:

  • Fotile Gas Cooker 2 Fires FD2G
  • Fotile Gas Hob 3 Burners GDG-78309
  • Fotile Gas Kitchen Countertop 3 Burners 78307
  • Fotile Gas Cooker 3 Fires GFG-86309
  • Fotile Gas Cooker 5 Burners GFG-90501

Hopefully, you have understood all the points related to the tips to buy the right cooktop for your kitchen. Also, Gilimili sells quality cooktops to its customers. And, if you want to check the price/cost and other features of these appliances in a reliable online store, please visit gilimili website. Hmm, you may be able to purchase the products of your requirement. Well, that’s it from our side, and keep visiting our platform for more engaging, informative, and effective blog articles. Advice For Purchasing The Right Hob For Your Kitchen.

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